The Story of Khan Kures

Mr. Khalid Khan is a healthy & energetic 78 years young man, passionate to tell the world about the miracle natural health supplements that he’s been using for the last decades.

Khalid Khan
Khalid Khan

The supplements have enabled Mr. Khan to walk freely away from heart surgery, a handful of pharmaceutical medicines that were going to be prescribed for life and other diseases associated with aging.

Mr. Khan has been studying, acquiring and sharing natural supplements and he sees that people are experiencing good results, as is he. Starting from a small pop-up stand, he offered information he learned from experience, as well as the products he used to get results, to anyone who could benefit from them.

The demand grew bigger than what he could bring to meet his growing customer demand at his stand. Therefore, was created so that his customers are able to make orders conveniently.

Khan Kures warehouse is in the state of Georgia and will ship anywhere within the US. Our staff is ready to answer any questions and fulfil orders. How can we help you?


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56 Perimeter Center East, Suite 150, Atlanta, GA 30346

Store Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am – 5pm
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