Libido Booster Unisex 5 IN 1 Action STAMINA



Has your relationship lost a bit of its sugar & spice? No worries, this mood enhancer for both men and women contains a mix of herbs that will boost your drive and ignite your vitality, libido
and/or stamina.

From Mother Nature – This increase mood supplement contains only 100% natural, herbal ingredients. Relieve Menopause & PMS – Hot flashes? Mood swings? Maca Root and Red Clover can help alleviate common side effects of PMS and menopause. Helps increase blood circulation and provides various vitamins and minerals. This helps energize other areas of your life too. Studies show that maca powder may help increase libido, reducing erectile dysfunction, boosting energy and endurance, increase fertility, improving mood, reducing blood pressure, reducing sun damage, fighting free radicals.

HARNESS MORE VIGOR – Last longer in the gym and in the bedroom with the help of our horny goat weed for men and women. This natural daily supplement may help boost your energy and stamina levels.
STRONG MUSCLES & BONES – Aim to hit your fitness goals. Our Libido Booster for women and men may help support the growth of strong bones and aid in boosting muscle strength at the same time.
SUPPORTS HEALTHY BLOOD FLOW – Our Libido Booster herbal supplements may help promote normal blood circulation. This leads to the efficient movement of oxygen and nutrients throughout your body.
FORTIFY YOUR IMMUNE DEFENSES – Protect your body from unseen threats and invading contaminants. This Libido Booster tonic for women and men may help your immune system perform at its best. Note that desired effects may take 2 weeks to kick in. Consistent use is key for the best enhancement results.


This Libido Booster Formula increases your sexual stamina, mood, motivation & sexual desire

  • Improve your sexual pleasure & advance sexual libido levels
  • Enhance overall energy and stamina levels during exertion
  • Prolong erections & delay orgasms “Improve the strength & size of your erections with regular use “Increase sperm count & testosterone levels to a healthy standard
  • Boost ejaculations and sensitivity
  • Cure erectile dysfunction Grow muscle density and endurance Speed up muscular repair due to exercise fatigue
  • Treat infertility and balance hormones in males & females.


Take 1 to 2 teaspoons twice daily (5ml), preferably in the morning before breakfast and at night before dinner. For increased usage take 3 teaspoons twice daily.


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